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  • Reinette Senum

Yuba Village Building Convergence Makes Its Nevada County Debut!

The first City Repair undertaking was colorfully painting the pavement of a neglected intersection of SE 9th Ave and SE Sherrett Street by members of its neighborhood.

For the last 20 years Portland, Oregon's City Repair has been fostering community development through artistic and ecologically oriented placemaking. Whether it’s a Tiny Library on a street corner, a cob bench at a bus stop, or a painted neglected intersection, thousands of these community events and projects have sprung up throughout Portland ultimately positioning the Northwestern community as one of the more trailblazing-sustainable cities in America.

During a time when most cities and towns throughout the American landscape have been feeling the impacts of inner-city deterioration, City Repair has developed a sociocratic system that honors a culture that is based upon human relationship and connection to the natural world, ultimately transforming the places where we live.

Nevada County’s Yuba Village Building Convergence, founded by local resident and musician, David Sugalski, known as The Polish Ambassador, launched last spring in Nevada City with a weekend workshop given my Portland Repair founder, Mark Lakeman; in preparation for their upcoming 5-day event, the 1st Annual Yuba Village Building Convergence, Planting Seeds of Community, June 20th-25th.

To get tickets, go to:

The event will be featuring speakers; author, Starhawk, Portland Repair founder, Mark Lakeman, prominent permaculture teacher and designer, Penny Livingston-Spark, and myself speaking about the philosophy behind TimeBanking and how it works.

The event will also include additional workshops, music, and celebrations. On Friday night Commercial Street will be transformed into a Farm to Table Feast; the first to take place on Commercial Street that is not under my management!

I am tickled pink that Commercial Street will be closed for several days in a row allowing the community to experience what it would be like to have a town square in the heart of Nevada City. It’s also wonderful to see Commercial St. spread its wings and get utilized by the community at large; a dream of mine for many years now!

Join YVBC and our community in this one of many beautiful community events! This is just the beginning…..

For more information and tickets, click here.



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