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Join Me for My 90-Minute Geoengineering Workshop: A Clean Planet Starts in the Sky!

I am holding a 90-minute workshop on our SaveOurSkies geoengineering legal fund and efforts. Please spread the word! It's going to be an epic event.

A Clean Planet Starts in the Sky

The ever-expansion of weather modification and weaponization, solar radiation management (SRM), and stratospheric aerosol Injection (SAI), and marine cloud brightening (MCB) have had life-threatening biological impacts on all living things, including human life. We have seen the horrific ramifications of this practice, all around us, especially in these strange, fast moving, hotter than normal fires, that are burning things differently than ever before in known history. These aerosol spraying programs are underway without the knowledge or consent of citizens worldwide. To sustain life on the planet as we know it, this constant toxic bombardment from the sky must come to an end. Through Save Our Skies, a landmark legal challenge is being mounted in the United States to end this aerosol madness. But the action doesn’t stop with one legal action. Our S.O.S. Citizen Engagement (CE) is taking a multi-prong approach to stop geoengineering by also enlisting an army of concerned citizens to come at this from all directions. Learn how we are utilizing small claims courts, Notice of Liabilities (NOLs), and public outreach and education, and how you can be a part of the solution.

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