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It's Official! California's Voter Info Guide Is Out!

Running for Governor has been a long, but fruitful road. The array of amazing and concerned Californian's I have met along the way have moved me, up and down the state. I have been listening to each and every one of them, taking notes the whole way.

This has paid off. We have established incredible relationships and networks the whole entire way, and citizens from all walks of life are being moved by this campaign!

The response to my campaign and my 30 page blueprint, a Contract With Californians, has been well received across all political isles!

I'm being interviewed left AND right, and in the middle! Check out this most recent video with Naomi Wolf from the!

Check out my campaign website to stay apprised of my upcoming events and continued interviews and coverage,

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Jun 04, 2022

Hi, my name is Nick Acosta. I live in downtown Sacramento and work for a remodeling company. I am a single father of a wonderful 10 year old. We visit frequently my dad who lives off Tylerfoote Road. We love it when we are surrounded by trees and the stillness of nature. Thank you for running for Governor. I was flipping through the pages figuring out who to vote for... when I came across you and your pitch... You can count on my vote and future support as well. Keep up the good work. Peace and Love

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