Origins of the Foghorn Funston

Perhaps General Frederick Funston had such striking adventures and notable accomplishments because he had to endure living in the shadow of his towering 6’4” father, Congressman Edward Funston. Edward was not only large in stature, but in charisma, and political debate. The library of the Funston home in the tiny town of Iola, Kansas, was such a national hotbed of political discussion and discourse by political and military figures visiting from around the country that the trains arriving at the local station had devised a special whistle to alert the Funston's that a visitor was on his/her way.


It was during his three terms as Congressman and as the Kansas Speaker of the House that Edward Funston that Congressman Funston would become know as The Foghorn Funston, the Farmer's Friend. The appropriate title originated from Funston’s Congressional campaign.

Congressman Edward Funston, Born, September 16, 1836, New Carlisle, Ohio  Died:September 10, 1911, Iola, Kansas