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Fire Spread Modeling Provided to Nevada City for Goat Fund Me Nevada City Campaign

A 36 square mile model of possible fire spread from the NW direction and with a 30 mph wind. Please note that HWY 20 through Nevada City should say HWY 20/49

FlameMapper is a leader in near-real-time fire behavior modeling that identifies needed areas of mitigation (grazing goats) for the first phase of emergency management. Their software uses virtualfires to understand the movement of fire and fire intensity over a landscape. This allows for targeted goat-grazing-fire-mitigation for maximum impact at the lowest cost. The in-kind service that the creators of Flamemappers are willing to provide will ultimately come in the form of maps with identified areas ranked in terms of priority. This removes the guesswork of the fire mitigation of our 450 acres of city-owned land as well as 36 square miles surrounding Nevada City. (PLEASE NOTE; THIS VERSION OF FLAMEMAPPER MAP HAS THE HWY THROUGH NEVADA CITY AS HWY 20. IT IS ACTUALLY HWY 20/49)

How Does It Work?

FlameMapper enhances understanding of the spread of fire by providing advanced fire forecasting technology to improve the way wildfires are tracked and contained. It uses predictive tools to help supply citizens information to prepare for action. This data includes evacuation routes, critical junctions, direction of fire spread, speed, and rated areas of mitigation.

Software will provide wildfire mitigation analytics; a prioritized list and statistically justified mitigation plan so our maintenance budget will be far more effective. It can build fire structure, then synthesize where the greatest exposure is, highlighted on where the fire is likely to go.

Clearly defined fire boundaries will be assimilated and mapped. We will be able to even zoom in to see where the structures are most vulnerable.

By mapping the possible spread of fires Nevada City can implement effective plans with the ability to prioritize mitigation through fuel load reduction via goats and hand-crews. Proper mitigation measures can encourage a fire to go in a certain direction.

Utilizing fire science this software can keep fire crews and equipment safer than ever before with high-resolution wind modeling, and instantly identify risk and understand the landscape in a whole new way.

The software provides five different spatial analysis models, and creates scenarios of fires coming from different directions thus allowing our community to identify critical junctions and mitigation to ensure safe evacuation routes.

Price depends upon our capabilities, expertise in OES or fire department and ability to use the tools. However, for Nevada City, this is being donated as in-kind professional services andwill include analysis of a 9 square mile radius with Nevada City in the center.

The FlameMapper team of specialists has been working with Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, and the City of Malibu utilizing post analysis. They have also worked with the US Coast Guard, and Berkeley National Laboratory's creating 50 virtual and consecutive fires. Developers have worked also with campuses, facilities, and fired departments. Please note that the fire spread modeling details will be provided this week. Check back for more information!

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