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Nevada City Concert & Panel Discussion This Friday! The Town Square Revival!

Jumpsuit Records is teaming up with The City of Nevada City, KVMR, FoNC (Future of Nevada County), and Heartbass for a very exciting fundraising event The Town Square Revival this Friday, November 3rd, 5:30pm at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City. The event will kick off with a Town Hall Panel & Discussion, from 5:30 -7PM, regarding the concept of creating a town square in downtown Nevada City. The panel will then be followed by a fundraising dance party, beginning at 8pm, featuring the Polish Ambassador and Ayla Nereo. Included in the lineup for the extraordinary night are Ryan Herr, and Grandfather Gold. 100% of proceeds raised will be allocated to the process exploring the idea of a town square.

Last September this fundraising concert & town hall panel discussion was approved as an official city-sanctioned event by the Nevada City City Council. The council voted unanimously to support the November 3rd concert and panel with the understanding that money raised will go towards public workshops, a variety of design concepts, city staff time, and possible traffic study for the idea.

The Town Hall Panel & Discussion is free to the public and will feature Nevada City building & business owners, community activists, and local historians to explore the history and concept of town squares, including the challenges & potential, as well as business verses public needs.

Through events such as Victorian Christmas, the Saturday Nevada City Farmers Market, and the Yuba Village Building Convergence, many in this community have experienced Nevada City streets closed to vehicular traffic. This, ultimately, has brought the concept of a pedestrian friendly street to the forefront as a possible development by community activists, residents, and business owners. The community’s participation in the Town Square Revival is the next step. All business/building owners, Nevada city residents, and community members are encouraged to join in on this exploratory conversation, party, and celebration.

Included in the big kick-off is an online survey that is seeking community input about the town square concept. The survey is live and available to the public at

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