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Announcing Former SYRCL ED, Jason Rainey, As Nevada City Planning Commissioner

The Nevada City Planning Commissioner that I had appointed last summer, Skyler Moon, had notified me that he would be moving out of the immediate area and would be stepping down in his role as Planning Commissioner. Skyler exemplified professionalism and careful deliberation as a Planning Commissioner. I’m sorry to see him go and am grateful for the time he was able to serve Nevada City.

After Tyler gave me the news a few weeks ago about his upcoming departure, I began ruminating carefully over who would be the best candidate to fill this position; someone that would serve this community with an open mind while protecting the historic designation that maintains our Nevada City charm. I began looking for somebody that I knew could creatively address the challenges we occasionally face in our little hamlet in the hills, as well as hold a long-term vision when considering everything from affordable housing, reforestation, our environment, hiking trails, cell towers, renewable energy, art, and creative ideas including place-making.

After considering many worthy candidates I am pleased to announce that my first choice, Jason Rainey, has accepted my appointment as the replacement for Skyler Moon as my Nevada City Planning Commissioner.

“It’s a privilege and honor to be joining the Planning Commission,” remarked Jason, “and to serve with the team of staff, volunteers and City Council members who are so dedicated to ensuring that Nevada City remains a unique, inspiring, and resilient community for our residents and visitors”

Many Nevada City and county residents will remember Jason as the former Executive Director of South Yuba River Citizen’s League (SYRCL) from 2006-2011. It was during this tenure that Jason built up the grassroots movement to restore the Yuba River, expanded its successful River Monitoring Program, and developed the popular and iconic Wild and Scenic Film Festival to name just a few accomplishments.

Jason originally cut his teeth as an activist in far off places such as Russia, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, and Thailand working as an educator, a researcher and organizer for human rights, and was active in environmental initiatives.

Following his worldly pursuits, Jason brought his skills back to the US becoming Program Director of the Marin Conservation Corps (North Bay) from 1999-2005. Jason’s community actions included initiating and leading a range of innovative projects that focused on solid-waste recycling, school gardening, creek rehabilitation, and wildlife monitoring.

Following his work with SYRCL, Jason was selected to serve as Executive Director of International Rivers from 2011-2015. Jason influenced global-dam building actors, pushed back the World Bank from large dam-building projects overseas, and focused on renewable and sustainable energy pathways. He also doubled IR’s regionally-based program staff, established offices in five countries outside the US, and launched an international board while hiring a policy analyst based in Washington DC.

Jason is once again a fulltime resident of Nevada City and I’m honored he accepted my appointment. I have no doubt he will bring invaluable experience and a solution-based approach to the Planning Commission to address any challenges our city may face in the future.

Welcome Aboard, Jason!

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