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Nevada City Chamber Launches GoFundMe; Terrazzo Lights for Commercial Street

I'm very excited to announce the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce's GoFundMe for the permanent installation of the Commercial Street Terrazzo Lights. This has been a LONG time coming! Please check out the GoFundMe link below and make this a reality!

If you live anywhere near Nevada City then you are probably familiar with the terrazzo lights across Commercial Street; a very popular string of lights that zigzag from one side of the street to the other. Historic towns like Savannah, Georgia, use terrazzo lights to embellish the pride and sense of place that ultimately enhances the overall experience of being downtown. We want to do the same thing in Nevada City, permanently. While controversial to a few, theses lights have been overwhelmingly supported by the public. We removed these lights last October after a yearlong test pilot was completed. Since then the Nevada City City Council has unanimously approved a permanent installment. It is the objective of the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce and surrounding businesses and residents to get these lights installed permanently. But in order to do this we have a few steps we need to take in this process. We can’t do this alone and many hands will make this affordable for all of us. Please help us light up our historic downtown by putting in permanent LED lighting. These lights create a sense of wellbeing, are popular with locals and tourists alike, and reduce crime in the area. So, this is where you come in: A GoFundMe campaign has been launched!


Please check out the link, contribute what you can and know that every dollar counts! Also, please share, share, share and help us light up our town!

TECHINICAL INFORMATION Upon analyzing the buildings along Commercial Street we have come to find a safe alternative to hardwiring into an actual building and saving a substantial amount of money. We will have 120 volt plug-in, a driver (power supply) suitable for weather, a messenger, a photo-eye (sun timer that turns lights on and off) and a plastic bubble cover for the outlet. A PVC conduit will take the wire from one side of the building to the other. We will paint the conduit the same color as the building. It’s important to note that the Mason’s have solar so the electric bill will be reduced significantly. We are expecting approximately $10 to $20 per month. Thank you, Masons! The wires will be fixed to the buildings with eyebolts and carabineers and the LED strands will be reinforced with poly-covered cable. BUDGET $89 per 50-foot string for a total of 500 feet of commercial grade strands $890 250 LED lights at 5.75 each $1,438 Tax and shipping $150 Electrical work $750 45 foot boom lift (1 day rental) $300 Hardware $200 Poly-covered cable $150 ______ TOTAL $3,878 As soon as we reach our goal we will order the lights, assemble the parts and begin installation before spring is upon us! Help Us Permanently Light Nevada City!!!

Photo Credit: Andy Wright

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