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Children's Health Defense', Dafna Tachover, Talks 5G, Medical Tyranny & Trans-humanism

Updated: Apr 3

As promised, I will be posting all of my recent Reinette Senum's Chew On This! interviews, here. If you can't find me on YouTube, search engines, or even Bitchute, land here, and I will lead you to them. So, without further ado.... My most recent interview with The Children's Health Defense's (CDF) Dafna Tachover and Reinette Senum's Chew On This! host discuss the CDF's latest federal lawsuits filed against the FCC for their Guidelines, 5G OTARDs (Over-the-Air-Reception Devices), California's monstrous new California bill, SB 556, that can have serious consequences for Californians and Americans. In addition, Dafna and Reinette explore the ultimate objective of the Internet of Things and where we are headed if the world's technocrats get their way.... As you can imagine... YouTube has take this video down... so here it is, on Bitchute:

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