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More Telecom Bait & Switch

During the busy 4th of July weekend I just read in our local paper that our local internet provided, Spiral Internet, that was proposing an UNDERGROUND fiber optic system throughout Nevada County, is being sold to Race Communications with the plan for "aerial installation." We have also JUST been informed that the PUBLIC HAS UNTIL THIS TUESDAY (2 FULL BUSINESS DAYS) TO PROTEST THIS BAIT & SWITCH. This is a common tactic in the Telecom World: push through their agenda during the holidays when nobody is looking. This is a bait & switch that we have seen across the nation again and again; "Oh, we're going to give you fiber optics to EVERY home. Ooops! Sorry, we're going to pocket the $400 billion you have all paid out over the last 20 years and give you radiating wireless service instead." This is a slippery slope and if anyone is aware of this telecom playbook they will know what is next. The definition of "aerial installation" can mean anything including another Bait & Switch to radiating 5G antennas in your neighborhood. You don't think so? Just check out our Telecom's shady history. It's well documented here:

Original story that spurred this LOCAL PROTEST here:

Nevada County Residents have been asking me what can they do about this little "tweak" to the fiber optics installation to our homes (from the promised underground to "aerial" installation). Here's a list of talking points you should send TODAY to the CPUC at RE: Sale of Bright Fiber to Race Communications and Race's proposal of "aerial delivery on existing poles in existing rights-of-ways."

This is what you can do NOW:



We have until TOMORROW, YES, TUESDAY for the public to RESPOND.


Nevada County residents should ask the CPUC to deny this stock sale from Bright Fiber to Race. Do not allow Race to cut corners at the expense of a community’s safety and wellbeing by installing on vertical infrastructure.

Americans have paid out more than $400 billion to the telecom industry over the last 20 years for underground fiber optics to every home. We want our underground fiber optics now.

We want the CPUC and the FCC to investigate this $400 billion dollar telecom heist.

We want an account of the $400 billion already spent.

The CPUC must understand THIS is financially discriminatory for the people who have paid once, twice perhaps and now will pay again for an inferior and dangerous new infrastructure design (wireless on poles).

Underground fiber optic installation is the most secure, private, and reliable. We demand our fiber optics stays underground.

Utilizing power poles and aging vertical infrastructure in a drought and fire prone California is irresponsible.

Stop the deployment of untested and unsafe 5G small cells in neighborhoods and communities. Fiber optics is the answer.... and underground.

Race states it will use its standard approach of "aerial delivery on existing poles in existing rights-of-ways." This is a slippery slope that could ultimately lead to loss of local control over our public rights-of-ways as we have already seen this Bait & Switch technique transpiring in cities across the nation.

Demand the CPUC and FCC stop the deregulation of the telecom industry and once again regulate the industry so as to protect consumers from this unfettered "gifting" of billions of dollars as well as the reckless deployment of untested technology upon the American people.


ALSO, feel free to contact the following:

Michael Picker, President of the Commission

Liz Podolinsky, Telecom Advisor,, 415-703-3201

Carla Peterman, Commissioner

John Reynolds, Advisor on Communications

Shannon O’Rourke, Energy, Safety and Water Issues

(No contact info given…. )

Liane M. Randolph, Commissioner

Rachel Peterson, Chief of Staff, 415-757-7844

Martha Guzman Aceves, Commissioner

Michael Minkus, Chief of Staff and Telecom Issues

(No contact info given…. )

Clifford Rechtschaffen, Commissioner

Sean Simon, Chief of Staff

Office: 415-703-3791 Mobile: 415-214-0125.


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