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The Revolution is Brewing

"Revolutions are major turning points in history and regardless of where they occur, some common factors are present.

These causes include a great divide between the social classes, a crisis which negatively impacts the masses, increasing unhappiness or loss of faith in the government or ruling power and the desire for equality and ideals and philosophies which provide a common rallying ground for the unhappy class." (source:

How are feeling about all the changes coming our way? Are you satisfied with your representation in Washington? Are you going to find yourself uninsurable after the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act? Are you one of the homeowners that got “notified” of the potential submersion of your house if the 275-foot Centennial dam goes through? How about getting food in your mouth in the form of Meals on Wheels? Do you really need that? Seems like a luxury to our leaders in Washington. How about low income assistance to heat your home? Do you really need to stay warm? Hit by a mudslide? How about a forest fire? Don’t think for a second you are going to get any funds for disaster recovery. Lost your home? You-are-on-your-own.

If you haven’t noticed, with all this nonsensical removal of America’s safety nets we now have the perfect recipe for a modern day Storming of the Bastille.

What is stemming from Washington is a purposeful evisceration of all the systems that allow Americans a mechanism to survive. Systems that prevent us from being left out in the cold like wild animals or die hungry and malnourished under our local underpasses. Yes, these very items are systematically being removed and by design.

It is when the most basic and fundamental life-support systems are removed, such as being able to put food in one's mouth, that revolutions are sparked. From what I can tell, however, this seems to be the plan currently underway in Washington. They want desperation, and they want chaos and mayhem. It is in this very place where rapid policy change can be made. We have seen this in the “shock and awe” methodology of former and the current administrations: Think Hurricane Katrina. It’s nothing new. It’s simply on steroids (and probably a little Viagra as well).

This is not leadership. This is not representation. This is in preparation for Fascism 2.0. and it looks as though in order for us to be heard we are going to have to continue our vigilance in pressuring our elected representatives while reminding them that the 2018 election is not far off…. and that we vote!


What can you do? Don’t think for a second that the letter writing, phone calling, or donning a pussy hat and protesting aren’t making a difference. Just take a look at Congressman McClintock and the rising power of the local Indivisible movement that is grabbing national attention: The national trade union center and the largest of unions in the United States, the Central Labor Council of The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) has officially listed Congressman McClintock as “vulnerable in 2018.” Vulnerable! Already! And we’re just starting! Ha!

Keep the pressure up. Each and every one of us is playing an important part in this political pressure cooker. If our representatives can’t represent then we’ll just keep turning up the heat.

So, we need you now more than ever to speak up for our future. Sitting back, feeling disempowered and thinking your voice doesn’t make a difference no longer flies; it is this very American passivity that has gotten us into the position we are in…. which, btw, is ultimately going to force us into finding our only possible salvation as a planet: mass action.

Here’s are a few things you can do to be an important Drop in the Sea of Voices!


He is simply the Bobble-head on the dashboard of the Cadillac going over the cliff.

What Trump and Associates don't seem to understand is that it is really, really easy to destroy systems and agencies. Any two-year-old can tear things down, but it takes extraordinary men or women to create something from nothing and rebuild from the ground up.

But don’t waste your time going after Trump. Instead go after the banks and the stockholders that support him. Go after your Congressman and Senators. Make them feel the pressure. If anything, IGNORE everything Trump says and keep your eye on the ball.


I was not a fan of Obama and I’m not a fan of the ACA simply because it was written by the health insurance industry with the caveat that “affordability” would be added at a later date. This, of course, never came to fruition. Personally, I think we can do much better, BUT, until we do this is what we have for right now and we cannot allow our elected officials to pull the rug out from those who are most dependent upon it. Until there is a solid plan that allows a smooth transition into health coverage we cannot allow the ACA to be killed.


This is so 20th century. We can do so much better than this. When it comes to

water why is it that Centennial dam is being proposed before water conservation measures have been implemented in this region? Why is it that NID is gung-ho for a multi-multibillion-dollar dam, but is not willing to look at alternatives? This stinks of water profiteers and our community should not fall for this unnecessary environmental damage, expense, and poor leadership.

In a community that is already suffering from a housing shortage somebody please tell me where are the 120 different family members that will be forced to relocate going to move once their homes are completely submerged under 275 feet of water?

If you want more handholding about what to do, visit:

In addition, demand answers from the Nevada Irrigation Board. Demand they broadcast their meetings and stop their “behind closed doors” decision-making.

Ask our leaders, if we’re going to build that “wall” where are we going to get the concrete for another dam? Let alone the desperately needed infrastructure upgrades throughout America…?


Well, opportunity is knocking on our door TOMORROW, Saturday, when Congressman Doug LaMalfa is coming to speak at noon at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.

We have discovered that some local nefarious characters are attempting to create a little mayhem with this event by controlling seating and volunteering so make darn sure that we don’t fall for these divisive tactics. We must come to the plate not armed with a bat but with compassion, curiosity and immense creativity that will allow us to move forward in a positive direction; open dialogue.

Come in peace, put your Listening Ears on and try to understand other points of view. Remember, it may not feel like it, but we are all in this together.

While at Saturday’s town hall, film everything. Film anyone entering the side doors. Film any empty seats that have been reserved. Film the individuals who may not make it into the event and ask them if they support LaMalfa’s policies or not; see if there happens to be a higher proportion of those opposed to LaMalfa stranded outside. Document and make online comparisons of how the media portrays the event compared to what you experienced. Do NOT let the media take control of the narrative and bend it to serve their own needs. Live stream it. Document and share on social media ASAP.

Don’t let these media-shysters create another false narrative ultimately overriding the truth: People are fed up and Congressman LaMalfa needs to know that, like McClintock, his Congressional seat is NOT secure.

Always assume that an agitator at a protest, march, or town halls is paid or instructed to do so. Call him/her out as a paid provocateur and if he/she doesn’t mellow out, ostracize and let everyone know this individual is not part of our peaceful group.


Lastly, if the Democrats and Republicans find it below them to actually listen to their constituents and represent us as they should then perhaps it’s time for a new party; The Indivisible Party.

Fresh start anybody?

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